Dune Sterling Silver Triple Sandglobe Bracelet

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Dune Sterling Silver Triple Sandglobe Bracelet

Dune Jewelry items are filled with sand from your favorite beaches to preserve memories for a lifetime. Sands from nearly every beach can be incorporated into Dune Jewelry items. Just enter the city and state of your desired beach sand when ordering.

The perfect choice for travel enthusiasts! This sterling silver triple sandglobe® bracelet features three bezels filled with your favorite sand, layered to a domed, gem-like finish.  

  • Sterling silver cuff
  • Available with your choice of up to 3 Sands
  • One size fits most
  • 8mm round bezels
  • Runs small
  • 13.2mm thick wire band
  • Main photo shown with Elbow Beach, Bermuda; Crushed Jingle Shell; Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

SELECTING MULTIPLE SANDS You will need to submit 3 sand entries below, this will tell our production staff what order you would like the sand in. Feel free to use the same sand in multiple bezels.

Dune Jewelry orders are custom orders that can take up to three weeks for delivery.

Michael Gallagher Jewelers always has hundreds of Dune Jewelry pieces in stock from not only local beaches, but also popular destination spots as well.

If sand from your desired beach is out of stock or unavailable or your order is delayed, we will notify you via email.

View available sands by city/state and beach IDs here