Marahlago Calder Large Larimar Necklace

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Marahlago Calder Large Larimar Necklace

Arrowheads of mystifying Larimar give those who wear the Calder Large necklace a sense of power and mystery! Arranged symmetrically with gleaming tabs of Mother of Pearl atop each Larimar and sparkling white sapphires at its center, this eye-catching piece is as striking as it is enchanting.

Product Details: Product Details: Five Larimar (2 pieces 10x13mm, 2 pieces 13x17mm, and a 23mm) gemstones with mother of pearl, white sapphire, and sterling silver. Adjustable length 16"-17".

Every piece of larimar contains slightly different hues, color saturations, and markings that give it its unique and compelling qualities. As a result, the larimar in your jewelry may appear slightly different from the larimar depicted online.