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The scarcity of Larimar is legendary; it is an investment that will only increase in value over time. It is found only on a single square kilometer that is protected by a dense rainforest in the Dominican Republic. Unpaved roads and unpredictable weather make acquiring this precious gem even more challenging.

Larimar was forged from the volcanic forces that shaped the Caribbean. It remained undiscovered until small bits of stone tumbled down a river to the sea, being polished along the way. In 1974, a local artisan rediscovered the stone and named it after his daughter (Larissa) and the Spanish word for sea (mar).

The best quality Larimar, which is used by marahlago, is a combination of color, pattern and inclusions. The best pieces blend a delightful blue color with striking patterns. However, since the pattern is white, it can lighten the overall appearance of the stone. While inclusions can be fascinating, they usually are not used in higher grades of stone,

Larimar is a hard stone with a color palette of blue and green, with no two stones alike. Marahlago hand picks each stone and celebrates its beauty with settings designed to enhance and complement its volcanic and oceanic traits.