Charles Albert®

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Creativity and originality come together in the acclaimed, finely crafted jewelry of Charles Albert®. Charles Albert personally selects exquisite gemstones, minerals and uncommon materials from all over the globe and transforms them into bold, one-of-a-kind designs.

Conceived in Florida, the designs are then turned into beautifully handcrafted wearable art in Mexico. Charles Albert has been working with the same artisans since the brand’s beginning, who are master metal smiths that use fine sterling silver and Alchemia "Zero Karat Gold" in their creations is celebrated for its innovative designs and high quality, handcrafted jewelry. 

The brand has evolved into one of the premier manufacturers of unique, high-quality, jewelry. Designing and manufacturing both fine sterling silver and Alchemia "Zero Karat Gold", Charles Albert hand selects each mineral, fossil and gemstone used in both lines.

Stones and unusual materials are sourced from around the world, designed in Florida and handcrafted by artisans in Mexico.  These artisans have been with Charles Albert® from its inception and are some of the most talented metalsmiths in the world.